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Suitcases for Girls

Suitcases for Girls

Suitcases for Girls


Suitcases for GIRLS

When my daughter was five, we were preparing for a family holiday to Italy. For the first time in her life, our little girl had been given her own little suitcase; a cute trunki ride-on, carry-on suitcase in a mid blue colour. To be honest, the main idea behind it, was to stop her moaning about having to walk so much and also to keep her occupied during the long wait in the airport. It was during the slow trundle through airport security that she boldly shouted – “I don’t like trunki! I don’t like this colour! it’s for boys!” Gender stereotyping had been far removed from our minds when we bought the Trunki and our daughter hadn’t really shown any signs of being opinionated about her ‘possessions’. But the stampy foot day had come and right now she wanted suitcases for girls.

Of course we talked her round, and as soon as we returned home, the trunki went back in the cupboard. But the following year when we were talking about a holiday in Spain, the subject returned. “Mummy, this year, can we look at suitcases for girls”.

Are there really suitcases for girls ?

Well of course, even though we don’t like to gender stereotype, girls still prefer certain films, books and music. Girls want to make their mark and extend their personality through clothing and accessories and so just like we see in the fashion world, suitcases can be tailored to girls. Let’s have a look at some of these more feminine designs, from suitcases for toddlers, through to bags for tweens and teens and all the way up to complete luggage sets for young women.

Suitcases for Toddlers

Let’s firstly look at the suitcase needs of the very very young woman. A lot of this can depend on what your little girl idolizes – is it a character from a film, or does she have a favourite colour? Or does she simply need something that doesn’t break easily ? There can be a lot of factors involved when choosing and so here’s a few suggestions to get you started…

The Trunki

Trunki suitcase for very young girlsAfter our episode with the Trunki I feel I need to defend my daughter’s rejection of such a fine product, simply because it was the wrong colour. The Trunki is simply made for the young traveller, primarily because they can ride on top of them and push themselves along. Anyone who has walked from one end of an international airport to the other with a toddler will understand the complaints and tantrums that can arise.

The Trunki also offers a good amount of storage space and handy pockets inside. Built with a durable lightweight plastic it’ll withstand hard knocks, but has a soft rubber trim to protect those little fingers. It’s also small enough to be used as hand luggage, so your child doesn’t need to be separated from her favourite teddy on the plane.

Another great thing about the Trunki is that it’s available in lots of designs and colours – from zebras and ladybird styles to branded designs such as Hello Kitty.

CASART 2 piece luggage set

Little cases for girlsThis is very cute indeed! The beautiful wildlife scene printed on the exterior features owls, deer and butterfly. What’s really nice is that the curves of the cases follow the curves in the illustration. Add to this the powder soft colours that have been used and you get cuteness in abundance.

It’s more than pretty looks though. The material is durable, very easy to wipe down after toddler food spillage and eco friendly.

You get a suitcase AND a backpack so this is great for travel but also for everyday school use. The wheels on the suitcase rotate 360 degrees so your child can choose to pull or push it

Zinc Flyte Scooter Suitcase

Scooter suitcase for girlsHow cool is this? A suitcase that doubles up as a scooter. No more tantrums because your child has walked her little legs off through the airport terminal. Now you can just tell her to hop on her scooter.

This Flyte Scooter Suitcase comes in a striking pink, yellow and grey zigzag design and features a rock ‘n’ roll stable steering system, inner pockets and secure straps and offers 25 litres of storage capacity. It can used as cabin baggage on the plane.

Disney Frozen 5 Piece Luggage Set

Frozen luggage set for girlsYour little girl will undoubtedly have a favourite film, cartoon or book and buying a branded piece of luggage with their favourite characters on is always going to be a hit.

If your child likes the Frozen movies from Disney, then this would be a wonderful collection for them. It’s comprised of a wheeled trolley bag, a small backpack, a gym bag, tote bag and a purse. So this 5 piece luggage set could be used far beyond the family holiday. It would surely be used for school, day trips and anywhere where your little girl would like to wear her heart on her sleeve… or should that be back?

Other branded luggage

Of course your child may not be into Frozen, but might like other famous characters. There’s a myriad of options for the child who likes the branded product. Here’s a few ideas…

Suitcases for Tweens and Teens

Now let’s look at suitcases for older children – the tweens and teens. We may still be looking at designs with some branded characters and films, but older children will be starting to carve out identities for themselves.

Partyprince Hand Luggage

Dotted suitcase for girlsWith a lovely pink polka dot pattern, this suitcase is perfectly feminine, and grown up enough for the teenage girl.

For the security concious girl, this features a 3 digit combination lock to keep those possessions safe.

This can be used as hand luggage but it’s still roomy enough to contain 43L. It’s light but strong and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Butterfly Print Hardshell Suitcase

Butterfly suitcase for girlsYou’ll have no trouble at all spotting this case on the carousel with its original butterfly design. This beautifully illustrated case is lightweight and really easy to move around, in all directions, due to its four casters and telescopic handle.

A combination lock ensures everything is secure inside where you’ll find packing straps and a zip around divider section.

It’s available in small, medium and large sizes or as a full set. The small version can be used as cabin baggage on the plane. This is a lovely looking suitcase offered by House of Leather.

Unitravel Vintage Suitcase

Vintage style suitcase for girlsHere’s something a little bit different. A retro style suitcase in a modern design. Once again you’ll clearly see this on the baggage carousel but it’s not just a novelty. This is serious piece of hand luggage with a telescopic handle, 4 spinner wheels for easy manouverability, smooth leather handles on the top and on the side and a double retro combination lock.

Inside you have zipped pleated bags and a removable partition. With it’s vintage lines and soft power blue and grey lines, this really is a chic item for the classy girl.

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